DynaFlex: Automated Robot Gauging System

In order to ensure consistent quality in their production process, manufacturing plants in all industries need to inspect the parts they are producing on a regular basis. For that reason, traditional metrology solutions - ranging from Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMMs), Checking Fixtures, or so-called "Camera Tunnels" – have thus been part, for years now, of the manufacturing process.  Recently though, a new type of inspection solution has surfaced: the Flexible Measurement System (FMS).
The FMS Advantage
A Flexible Measurement System (FMS) is made of four major components.  A standard industrial Robot carries a precision small-range Sensorin close proximity to the multiple features to be measured on each production part, thus effectively providing a large measurement envelope (one FMS installation can include multiple Robot/Sensor systems).  An appropriate Metrology Interface  then allows the collected measurement data to be viewed, compared with CAD data, set against pass/fail criteria, analyzed with SPC software, etc.  However, considering an industrial Robot’s low intrinsic accuracy combined with the harsh environment of production, adequate Calibrationis required at all times to guarantee the maximum measurement performance of an FMS.
Compared to traditional metrology methods (e.g. CMMs, etc.), an FMS generally offers the following advantages:
  • Shorter measurement cycles (relying on the robot's speed);
  • Increased measurement flexibility (just by re-programming the robot);
  • 100% inspection capability (system installed right along the production line);
  • Durability for plant floor environment (system made of rugged industrial components)
    The Dynalog Advantage - Performance
    Dynalog, the world leader in the field of general Robot-cell Calibration solutions, developed a unique and patented Calibration approach for the specific purpose of FMS applications: the DynaFlex solution.  Simply put, the purpose of the DynaFlex Calibration solution is to turn an off-the-shelf industrial Robot into a precision metrology instrument. In other words, without Calibration, FMS would simply not exist! Practically, the DynaFlex Calibration routine runs transparently in the background, automatically compensating for any robot deviation with a minimal impact – if any – on the cycle time.
    More specifically, the DynaFlex Calibration solution provides two major capabilities: (1) to guarantee the FMS' Repeatability despite any temperature variations or any other environmental changes (i.e. "Relative Calibration" or "Temperature Compensation"), and (2) to confer true volumetric Absolute Accuracy to the FMS (i.e. "Absolute Calibration"). An FMS with Relative Calibration allows any changes of a particular production process to be monitored over time. With Absolute Calibration on the other hand, an FMS goes a step further as it provides "CMM-like" measurement data, which can be compared directly with CAD data. The DynaFlex Calibration system also offers the ability to automatically recover the FMS following either an unexpected "crash" or a routine repair of the Robot and/or the Sensor – with little or no operator intervention!
    The Dynalog Advantage - Compatibility
    Based on your manufacturing experience, you might prefer a specific Robot brand, be more familiar with a certain Sensor type, or have standardized on a particular Metrology Interface… Due to Dynalog's worldwide acceptance, the DynaFlex FMS solution is indeed compatible with a wide range of Robot, Sensor and Metrology Interface Brands (contact Dynalog for a complete list): You, the customer, choose the FMS components you prefer considering such factors as local support, price, performance/functionality, additional training, spare parts, etc.  Whatever the mix of components, DynaFlex can provide a high-performance fully integrated FMS solution!













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