DynaCal: Robot Calibration System

In today's highly competitive global market, manufacturing companies rely more and more on industrial Robots in order to obtain the flexibility they need in their production processes.  However, some of that flexibility is lost in the time and effort it takes to manually program these Robots to execute efficiently and accurately their production tasks, whether it is spot-welding, sealing, arc-welding, assembly, water-jet cutting, etc.

The Problem...
For many years now, Robots have been programmed manually - or "taught" - by a skilled work force. Today, that is still mostly the case... Why? Because, inevitably, physical Robot Cell installations can not be built exactly "to spec": each individual Robot arm is manufactured slightly different; each End-Effector (TCP) is mounted on the Robot in a somewhat different way than originally planned; and the Fixture in front of the Robot is never exactly where it was designed to be on paper... For that reason, modern computer-aided techniques intended to automate the robot programming process, such as Off-Line Programming for example, have generally remained ineffective, since manual "touch-up" is still required.

The Solution – DynaCal...
The DynaCal Robot Calibration system, produced by Dynalog, changes all that: it eliminates any of the discrepancies encountered in any Robot installation between "Actual Build" and "Nominal Design" (as described above)! The DynaCal solution uses sophisticated mathematical routines to first automatically "Identify" through accurate measurement, any discrepancies within the Robot Cell (i.e. the Robot, the TCP, and the Fixture Alignment – all simultaneously), and then to transparently "Compensate" for them. Thanks to the DynaCal system, a full range of automated techniques for programming robots is now available, providing the ability to launch, repair, modify, upgrade, etc. new and existing production lines – fast and accurately:  

  • Off-Line Programming (OLP):  robot programs generated off-line through computer Simulation can be downloaded to the plant floor without manual "touch-up";
  • Robot Cell Cloning:  robot programs created in one particular Robot Cell can be "cloned" quickly and accurately to any other Robot Cell on the plant floor based on accurate robot calibration of the two robot-cells;
  • Robot Cell Moving:  entire Robot lines can be moved from one location (e.g. integrator's facility) to another location (e.g. end-customer's plant) without re-teaching;
  • Robot Maintenance:  perform preventive Robot maintenance, and recover from Robot and Tool crashes with minimal production downtime;
  • Additional Tools: Mirror entire Robot lines, upload Robot programs back to Simulation, update the Robot controller with the correct Kinematics, etc.

The DynaCal System Boosts your Manufacturing Competitiveness!

  • Launch new production lines with greater speed;
  • Increase flexibility: programs can be easily interchanged, updated, modified, etc.;
  • Complete program changeovers can be executed in a minimum amount of time;
  • Deploy automation and Robots into more high-precision applications;
  • Drastically reduce any production downtime.

The Keys to DynaCal's success...
The success of the DynaCal robot calibration system is not only due to the high accuracy it delivers after robot calibration and calibration of robot peripherals (TCP, Fixture location, etc.), but also its ease-of-use and versatility!  The DynaCal solution is a stand-alone PC-based solution with an intuitive "drag-and-drop"-type interface.  The proprietary DynaCal hardware (connected directly to the PC) provides outstanding measurement accuracy within a rugged and compact package.  In fact, the complete DynaCal robot calibration system – with all necessary mounting accessories - comes within an easily transportable case no larger than a briefcase! Best of all, the DynaCal system works with virtually any brand of industrial Robot and Simulation software, and is compatible with most standard measurement devices as well! In short, the DynaCal robot calibration system has been designed specifically for the shop floor, where ease-of-use and speed of operation are essential!



>Case Study>DiamlerChrysler Robot Swap
>Case Study>Integrated OLP process at JCI using DynaCal
>Case Study>No Manual touch up with DynaCal at Ford - Genk
>Case Study>Off-Line Programming Specification at PSA Peugeot Citroën
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>Applications>Off-Line Programming with No Touchup
>Applications>Maintain your Robot's Accuracy throughout Production
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