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Mount a small-range measurement sensor (3D laser/camera, 1D distance sensor, etc.) at the end of a standard industrial robot, and combine it with the DynaFlex solution, Dynalog's in-line robot calibration technology for Absolute Accuracy as well as for Temperature Compensation: the resulting large-scale measurement equipment (often including more than one robot) allows 100% high-accuracy inspection (< 0.1 mm), right within the production line, of part features (holes, slots, edges, stand-offs, etc.) – catching any possible quality problem before it is too late.
The 3D/6DOF CompuGauge system allows measurement, visualization, and analysis of a robot's performance, both statically and dynamically. It comes with its own proprietary measurement hardware, but is also compatible with laser trackers, camera-based systems, etc. Various tests can be performed according to the internationally recognized ISO 9283 and ANSI/RIA R15.05 standards. The CompuGauge system is used by most robot manufacturers around the world as part of the development and improvement of their products.
The DynaCal system delivers the highest possibly Absolute Accuracy for your complete robot-cell, closing the metrological chain between the robot, its end-effector, the fixture it's operating on (optionally the external axes and/or positioner as well. The system comes with its own proprietary measurement hardware, but is also compatible with laser trackers, camera-based systems, etc. Use of the DynaCal robot calibration system is a 'must' for Off-Line Programming of a new production line; it also allows 'Cloning' of existing robot-cells, 'Mirroring' across production lines, 'Swapping' of robots within an existing line, etc.; it is also used as a robot-cell Recovery tool.
     Robot Calibration System
     Temperature Compensation &
     TCP/Mastering Recovery System
The roPOD system continuously monitors the robot and its TCP, throughout production, for any possible positional changes resulting from 'wear and tear', from a 'crash', following the replacement of a robot component, etc. When detecting a change, it will automatically recover the robot's mastering and/or the TCP (x, y, z & orientation) – eliminating any production downtime. The roPOD system is contactless, operates with virtually any robot end-effector, and has the ability to communicate with most robot controllers.
AccuBeam Robot Temperature Compensation & TCP/Mastering Recovery System
The DynaGuide system is used in robot applications requiring the highest possible accuracy (< 0.1mm) and/or involving part-to-part variation, where upfront Absolute Accuracy robot-cell calibration won't suffice. It operates based on the measurement data collected by one or more dimensional sensors (of almost any type) mounted at the end of the robot and/or on the floor. As a result, the DynaGuide system guides the robot's TCP to accurately reach its final desired position ('Guidance'), or to accurately travel along a desired path ('Adaptive Control').
Like the AutoCal system, the AccuBeam system continuously monitors and corrects, throughout production, the robot and its TCP for any possible positional changes due to 'wear and tear', 'crashes', etc. However, it can also detect and correct for any temperature-induced robot drift, whether resulting from ambient temperature or from motor self-heating. The AccuBeam system is contactless and easily fits in cramped work envelopes, but requires dedicated laser emitters to be mounted on the robot's end-effector (contrary to the AutoCal system).
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