Case Studies

Dynalog Accuracy Tested at Renault
Integrated OLP Process at JCI DynaCal
Katayama Automates In-Line Measurement
Since implementing off-line programming in 1997 and then refining the process, Johnson Controls, Inc. has dramatically reduced programming costs while improving production uptime in its robotic waterjet-cutting cells. To date, JCI has reduced line utilization for programming purposes by 96 percent, from 50 hours to two hours, with an 82 percent...[more...]
The obtained result confirms that "manual touch-up" of the production programs. This test, conducted on a large-envelope robot (KUKA KR 125), on which a real tool with heavy payload (approximately 100kg) is mounted, provides confidence in the quality of programs that the RENAULT partners can obtain with OLP...[more...]
Applied Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) began using ROBCAD for simulation and off-line programming of robotic cells in 1992. During the first few years of use of ROBCAD, AMT staff developed particular expertise in off-line programming of robotic paint cells where tolerances for position accuracy are not so demanding...[more...]
Katayama American Company, Inc. (KACI) came to Dynalog with the following challenge: Integrate a robot from Motoman and 3D sensor from LMI to perform 100% in-line inspection of up to 12 features on each of the 4 doors of an upcoming new program...[more...]
As a pilot project in preparation for the B-Car project, the full service suppliers Kuka, Valiant/Steelweld, and ComauPICO committed to design and fully (including calibration) offline program (OLP) nearly 100 robots for the CD132 vehicle at Genk. Several tests...[more...]
DaimlerChrysler Robot Swap
Off-line Programming Specification at PSA Peugeot CitroŽn
In order to minimize robot launch time and improve the quality of robot paths, off-line programming is required as a standard for all applications. The robot paths for all different parts need to be generated...[more...]
No Manual touch up with DynaCal at Ford Genk
World First Calibrated Flexible Gauging System at Peugeot
The automotive industry is the sector where robots have experienced their greatest application and success. It remains, however, a sector still not saturated. Even in body shops, where robots are extensively used for spot welding, new jobs are being found for these highly flexible...[more...]
Katayama Robotic Automated In-line Gauging System Off-line Programming at Chrysler Dynalog OLP at Ford Genk DynaCal OLP at PSA Dynalog Accuracy Test at Renault Integrated Dynalog OLP Process at JCI Robotic Automated In-line Gaguing at PSA
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Case Studies
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