Dynalog is a US-based, privately held robotics technology company with its world headquarters in the heart of "Automation Alley" the Manufacturing Technology corridor located in Oakland County, just North of Detroit, Michigan.

Dynalog operates globally, with products installed in over 20 different countries around the world. Dynalog's presence includes a European (France) , who conduct sales and technical support operations (See "Contact" Section). In addition, Dynalog maintains a network of distributors and partners in key industrial regions (See "Partners" Section).

Dynalog was founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1990 with the invention and commercialization of the famous "CompuGauge" robot performance measurement system. The CompuGauge system was first purchased by Boeing and later by most of the major industrial robot manufacturers around the world. Dynalog grew quickly with the addition of Robot Calibration products such as DynaCal, AutoCal, DynaFlex, and most recently, DynaGuide.

Dynalog holds Patents, or has Patents Pending for all of its products.

Today, Dynalog is the established leader in the field of robotic calibration and robot performance analysis equipment. Dynalog continually develops, designs, and improves its existing and new product lines to help our customers achieve the highest performance possible with industrial robots.

Dynalog has earned a solid reputation around the world for product and service superiority by providing state-of-the-art equipment and software to meet the flexible automation needs and production requirements of our customers (See what Dynalog's customers have to say in the "Testimonials" Section). 

Dynalog's goal is to create advanced products that measure, enhance and optimize the performance of industrial robots.  Dynalog's products not only improve robot performance for today's applications, they enable robots to be used for the new and challenging high-precision applications of tomorrow...


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About Us

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