November 09, 2016: Trade Show
Along with our Chinese distributor, Worldwide Technologies, we displayed our products at the CIFF Expo in Shanghai, China. Click here to read the news release.
October 18, 2016: Research Study of Absolute Accuracy of Robots Using Dynalog's CompuGauge System
Polytechnica University of Romania conducted a research study to determine the Absolute Accuracy of Industrial robots using the performance analysis module of Dynalog's CompuGauge system. The CompuGauge performance analysis module is based on ISO-9283 and ANSI RIA 15.05 standards. The results of the study is available at the following link:
October 5, 2016: Ford Selects AccuBeam System for Robot Temperature Compensation
Ford has selected Dynalog's AccuBeam robot temperature compensation system for many of its high precision robotic-based applications, e.g. laser cutting, form & pierce, etc., that are being installed in various plants around the world. The AccuBeam system automatically compensates for robot drift due to changes in ambient temperature, and due to self-heating, thus maintaining the robot's repeatability over-time. The AccuBeam system is a proven production ready in-line system that has been successfully compensating robots for more than10 years. The AccuBeam system includes the required automatic communication with the robot controller, the AccuBeam sensor, and other peripheral equipment. Click the following link to view the AccuBeam product data sheet: AccuBeam.
July 11, 2016: Trade Show
Along with our Chinese distributor, Worldwide Technologies, we displayed our products at the CIROS International Robot Show in Shanghai, China. Click here to read the news release.
May 5, 2016: Adaptive Control of Robot for Aerospace Drilling
Dynalog is chosen by an aerospace integrator to provide accuracy solution for two robots performing drilling and routing of their parts. The DynaGuide Adaptive Control system performs automatic in-line compensation of the robot's position based on measurements of the TCP from a Northern Digital photogrammetry system. The robot-cell contains two Fanuc robots on 20 meters long tracks. Two photogrammetry systems are used by the DynaGuide software to automatically monitor and correct the TCP(xyz & orientation) of both the robots. Dynalog's DynaCal system provides the initial robot-cell Absolute Accuracy required to reduce the number of corrective iterations performed by the DynaGuide Adaptive Control system. Furthermore, Dynalog's AutoCal system is also used to monitor and recover the robots TCP and zero-position-mastering for changes due to e.g. crash, change of motors, replacement of end-effector, etc. The achieved robotic drilling position accuracy is only limited by the accuracy of the measurement system and the resolution of the robot. Click the following links to view the product data sheets:DynaCal, DynaGuide, and AutoCal.
April 12, 2016: Absolute Accuracy for Robot Trimming
Dynalog is selected by a system integrator to provide robot-cell accuracy for a robotic trimming process for a helicopter manufacturer. A Kawasaki robot is utilized in this project to perfrom he trimming operation on helicopter doors, and other panes. The DynaCal system is utilized to identify the Absolute Accuracy parameters of the robot-cell, which include the robot DH parameters, non-geometric robot parameters, TCP, and the location of the fixture/part. The robot programs, created in a simulation software (Delcam), are then compensated utilizing the identified Absolute Accuracy parameters to account for the differences between the simulation robot-cell and the actual robot-cell. The compensated trimming robot positions meet the accuracy requirements of the helicopter panels.
March 16, 2016: Dynalog  Products Adapted by Chinese Robot Manufacturers
We are pleased to announce that Dynalog's Robot Calibration and Performance Analysis products have been adapted by majority (over 25) of the new Chinese robot manufacturers. Specifically, the DynaCal Robot Calibration System is utilized by the robot manufacturers to identify the Robot-Cell geometric (DH) parameters and non-geometric parameters. Whereas, the Compugauge Robot Measurement and Performance Analysis System helps the robot manufacturers to measure, visualize, and analyze the static as well as dynamic performance of their robots. Furthermore, the CompuGauge software includes the both of the internationally recognized robot performance standards: ISO 9283 and ANSI/RIA.05-1/2.


February 12, 2016: Dynalog is Selected for Robot-Cell Absolute Accuracy by an Aeronautic Fiber Placement System Provider
Dynalog has been selected by an aerospace system integrator to provide robot-cell Absolute Accuracy for their robotic fiber placement product. A KUKA or ABB robot moving on long tracks is utilized in the fiber placement systems. Additionally, the part is mounted on a rotating positioner. The integrator uses the DynaCal system to identify the Absolute Accuracy parameters of the robot-cell. Furthermore, with the identified robot-cell parameters, the DynaCal Filter Module compensates the robot positions created in a simulation environment to account for the differences between the simulation robot-cell and the actual robot-cell. The precision provided by the calibrated robot-cell meets the requirements of the aeronautic industry.
November 9, 2015: Trade Show
Along with our Chinese distributor, Worldwide Technologies, similar to last year, we displayed our products at the China International Industry Fair from 3rd to 7th November, 2015 China. Clickhere to read the news release.
November 2, 2015 Dynalog's Distributor in Brazil
We are happy to introduce the latest member of our expanding distributor network, Nucleon Comercial Ltda, now represents Dynalog in Brazil. Nucleon are solution providers in Metrology and Quality Control on the shop floor. They are established in Sau Paulo, with agents in major industrial areas in Brazil, e.g. Curitiba, Porto Alegre, and Belo Horizonte.
For distributors in other countries, please click here.
June 1, 2015 Dynalog Awarded Patent for its AccuBeam System
Dynalog has recently been awarded the patent for its AccuBeam  Robot Temperature Compensation System. The AccurBeam system offers an inline robot calibration solution designed to quickly and automatically guarantee the performance of robotic equipment. Adaptable to a wide variety of robotic applications and compatible with most robot types. The AccuBeam system can detect robot drift due to ambient temperature changes/self-heating of the robot. Furthermore, it can also detect sudden changes to the robot structure itself (including joint offsets) as well as its Tool Center Point (TCP). The identified robot drift/changes are then automatically corrected for without any operator intervention. This means no "guessing" of what went wrong; no valuable time wasted re-teaching robot programs, and no loss in production quality.
April 14, 2015: Chrysler selects DynaGuide for Robot Guidance Applications

Chrysler has been working with Dynalog since 2004. Dynalog's DynaFlex product for Flexible Measurement Systems (FMS) is currently running in several Chrysler plants throughout North America. Recently, Chrysler chose to extend its relationship with Dynalog, by also adopting Dynalog's latest product, DynaGuide.


Chrysler has integrated the DynaGuide product in several robot stations for a variety of guidance applications, such as allowing accurate mounting of the door hinges, optimizing the fit between the hood and the car body, punching the necessary holes for the fenders, etc. This implementation effort continues to this day as Chrysler sees more of its robot guidance applications benefitting from Dynalog's DynaGuide product. Click here for information regarding the DynaGuide product.

November 10, 2014: Trade Show
Along with our Chinese distributor, Worldwide Technologies, we displayed our products at the China International Industry Fair from 4th to 8th November, 2014 in Shanghai, ChinaClick here to read the news release.



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